Customer Service Self Management Training - Pioneer Pulse Learning
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Customer Service Self Management Training

Certify your skills with our industry-proven courses

Help Employees Deliver Their Best

Our 8 Customer Service course curriculum focus on customer facing skills and behaviours needed when working with internal and external customers, clients, and prospects.

Entry Level

Some Experience Need

You have experience from Customer Service and want to develop your role.


10-80 Hours

80 h for the complete Certification in Customer Service.

10h for each Course such as First Impression, Building Rapport etc.


Games & Work Material

Each course section has games which are part of the Assessment together with work material uploaded to your coach. Final Assessment is done when presenting for your Coach.

Course Provider

Pioneer Pulse Learning



The online software development course can be taken at any time and from any place.


Certification in Customer Service Self Management (for the 80h course)

Certification in e.g. Service Attitude (10h course)

Ideal For

You work with customers in a customer services role or want to develop your skills in this area.


Internet access and email

Course Overview

  • Home

    Product or Procedure Knowledge
    Time Management

  • Help

    Giving and Getting Help
    Responsible Initiative

  • Challenge

    Service Attitude
    Stress Management

  • Prize

    Rewards Or Recognition
    Critical Thinking



We implement Chart’s four-stage methodology to accurately pinpoint your needs, then make recommendations in areas of high-potential rewards and ROI.