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Field Marketing Professional (FM Pro)


The PPL FM-PRO has been designed using best practice Gamification methodologies in a 40 – 50 week learning journey for each learner (depending on your value requirements).The learner journey is an adventure through PPL digital of learning , and includes:

Weekly 1-2 hour team learning sessions (classroom/Webinar)

Workplace projects based on content.

Engagements with “PPL” our chatbot that challenges the learners on their mobile devices to test Knowledge gained in the session and Skills application in the workplace.

Tracking and showing individual skills gaps per week, and offering detailed coaching and mentorship plans for each individual, based not their application of skills.

Measuring ROI for each learner, and aggregating the gaps through teams, departments, Business units, regions and Nationally.

N.E.M.A (Novice, Expert, Master Academy)


The first experience of employees in a customer facing store is often one of fear and of limited effect to you as the store owner. The Novice, Expert, Master Academy is a Gamification masterpiece, that has been designed as a 12 month learning experience for each learner.


The learner journey is an adventure through the “Space” gaining competence in products and customer services including:

Weekly 1 hour engagement with a coach/assessor.

Workplace projects based on that weeks content.

Engagements with “PPL” our learnbot that challenges the learner (through their mobile devices) to test Knowledge and skills gained int he coaching session.

Individual development plans are established, through assessment and the use of an E-POE building technology.

Tracking and showing individual skills gaps per week.

Measuring ROI for each learner – based on a 5% increase on store targets and increased sales of specified devices. Aggregating the gaps through your individual or multiple stores to see the REAL needs.


When we began our journey on the ESD programme, we were given the choice..

Design training programmes to sell

Solve business challenges using learning where necessary

We chose to solve business problems and use learning when necessary. So we created our first 2 learning journeys detailed above.

We then realised the power of being able to use what we do to enhance full accredited qualifications and learnerships. Our R&D shows that the common challenges of qualification completion is:

  • One

    The Learners

    Learners don’t complete Portfolio’s after the training session

  • Two

    The Work

    Learner forget to do the work and therefore fall behind

  • Three

    The Assessors

    Assessors are REALLY frustrated with learners progress

  • Four

    The Administrators

    Administrators are REALLY frustrated with learners lack of response.

So we nailed the service offerings that OVERLAYS your qualification to ensure continued engagement and completion by the learner through the year.