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We create experience

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We deliver results

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We work with big and small companies

Pioneer Pulse Learning was built from the ground up. As our name suggests, we are pioneers in the product training space and breaking new ground constantly. No two training courses or workshops are the same, because since we started trading, we’ve never had two customers alike. We want to bring exciting, engaging learning to Samsung’s customers and each training course or workshop that w produce is customised to meet the objectives of the client in question.


Our values inform the ethos by which we hold our employees accountable. They enable us to innovate and deliver our services in a creative and enriching manner.

Our creativity is flexed in the structure of our training courses and workshops. We CREATE novel ways to teach great ideas to different people. We create solid, long=lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Innovation is a key component for our learners to retain knowledge, and be able to apply it to real=world scenarios. Our innovations enable us to build trust-based relationships with our customers.

Our level of specialisation ensures we offer the most contemporary training for Samsung’s state-of-the-art products. Our cutting edge learning opportunities enable to us to provide enriching content to our customers.

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