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Igniting Innovation

We deliver innovative cutting edge learning and development experiences that give our learners confidence to sell.

Short Courses

Sales Management

Customer Service Management

Team Building Series

Learner Journey

Field Marketing Professional

NEM Academy (Novice - Expert - Master)

Gamified Experiences

Gap Analysis

Find: Determine / Assess / Interview

Gauge: Skills / Knowledge / Experience

Close: Develop / Learn / Coach

What We Do


Our journey began in an ESD programme. Through our own learning experience we have explored, tested and applied exciting and cutting edge learning methodologies – which has enabled our success to date.


We now empower people through knowledge, by bringing fun, and engaging world class learning initiatives to clients and their teams. Our exemplary customer service ensures we provide the correct level of technology to maximise the highest value to clients.


PPL L&D philosophy remains the anchor in guiding the business as we continue to adventure through the worlds of Business and Progressive Learning & Development. Our focus is to deliver the most relevant level of learning to enable learners the opportunity to increase the retention of information – after training sessions – which is then applied in practical workplace circumstances.


Made possible through partnerships with you and your team and gaining an intimate understanding of your business model and bringing your employees and customers into the adventure of YOUR business to achieve the strategic outcomes.

World-Class Learning Experiences


Progressive Learner journeys, adventures and FUN is demonstrated through our love and dedication to your brand – where we enable every person the opportunity to shape their future and improve their lives through meaningful experiences.


Offering a service that aligns value to people and enrichment of lives and the right technologies that change the person, the team, the business and ultimately the world as individuals realise their full potential.

Our why


We believe that technology holds the key to unlocking human achievement and efficiency in the work place and, at home, it improves lives. Yet, as technology remains our differentiating factor as a offering to our clients – it has also been a frustration for us – to enable our internal learning.


As pioneers of the industry and life long learners of how “how technology enables a learning journey,” we have grown and learned to integrate the best tech platforms to achieve ours and our clients objectives. (High Tech, Low Tech and Hybrid Tech).
We create learning adventures, using Innovative learning journeys which excite your employees to use their “knowledge” and increase their performance (sales, productivity, admin etc…).


Retention of knowledge is best achieved through memorable experiences and as product experts and instructors, we structure the required content to best meet your unique business needs.


To enrich the lives of your learners – we focus on building trust relationships with you (as our clients) as well as the learners. This is achieved by creating learning experiences that they can relate to. Because of our passionate for life long learning we dedicate our philosophy to all aspects of our strategy which cultivates the passion within our learners.

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